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Who Should Certify?

More and more clients are asking for proof of CPR certification. Keep up with the demands of your clients by proving to them that their pets are in the best hands! We make it easy to buy any quantity of courses that you need. Just enter the number needed in the quantity section at checkout and you will receive registration codes to share with your staff. Business owners with 5 or more staff. . . receive 10% off your total when you buy 5 or more courses at once automatically! 

pet first aid class and pet cpr certification
pet first aid class and pet cpr certification
pet first aid class and pet cpr certification
pet first aid class and pet cpr certification

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In creating a pet first aid class, PHA designed the certification process to include several key factors.  Testing knowledge retention, integrated content (including photos, videos, text, and interactions), ease of use, and excellent accessibility.  Though there are several options for pet first aid classes and cpr certification, PHA has created an up-to-date, all-inclusive platform for its students.  Pet CPR protocols may change and the functionality of PHA's software allows for immediate content updates.  Please take the time to browse the site and we hope you will choose Pet Health Academy for your pet first aid class.

What does a certified veterinarian have to say about the course?

Pet Health Academy teaches pet owners how to remain calm and how to handle certain situations, but understanding that if their pet is in any type of distress, that transportation for evaluation by a veterinarian is critical.  Our clients are their pets’ first line in any emergency and this course teaches them about the most common emergencies, what do to when they arise, and how to try and prevent them. 

- Michelle L. Silver DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)