Our Philosophy 

Pet Health Academy strives to make life-saving techniques for pets available to all though who seek the knowledge.

Our Founder

James Calihan

pet first aid class pet cpr certificationPet Health Academy Inc. was the brain-child of James Calihan, owner/operator Happy Couples Pet Care. After rescuing an Australian Shepherd from his then 4th failed home, James knew his time was better spent bettering pets' lives. Before he began caring for other people’s pets, he wanted to make certain he was trained on how to save them in the event of an emergency. James’ initial search was for an online course, which would be most accommodating to his schedule but when he couldn’t find one he ended up attending a pet first aid and CPR class.  After taking the class, James asked why it was not offered online and this began the creation of an online certification course that brought the real life techniques on real pets into your living room; Pet Health Academy.  When James isn’t working, you may catch him playing frisbee with Tucker. James is a very active member of Aussie rescue as a volunteer and foster home.



Rowan was adopted at 2 years of age and has been passed around because he had some behavioral issues. Now, at age 8, he is a wonderful companion who loves to do anything with his people, as long as they call it "work." He enjoys learning and as you'll see in the instructional videos, his demeanor was perfect for filming.



Tucker is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd. He is a natural Frisbee dog; very fast and acrobatic! He loves meeting new people. Although he has near endless energy, he makes a fantastic demo dog for the instructional videos. Tucker is a relative of Rowan, and is already following in his footsteps.


Ben (Bend)

Ben is a wire-boned pointer that spends his days as a display dog in a local pet supply store. He models what the seasons suggests, whether its a raincoat, winter jacket or a safety vest, he hangs proudly displaying great products.



Floppy has performed in countless pet CPR & 1st aid classes. He is a favorite among the classmates but very difficult to tell apart from his brother, Droopy, Flippy, and Wiggly. Floppy was nervous about his audition but he knew he stood out amongst his family and was very proud to accept a role helping to teach the world how to save pets.





I can’t even count how many times animals have been brought in to the clinic with no first aid care. There have been countless times where the animals condition would be much less serious or possibly even having their lives saved if the owners knew basic first aid or CPR. Now, because of Pet Health Academy, people are able to get a better understanding of the basic skills needed to help better the animals in their lives.

I personally took the course and a lot of it was a great refresher for me. Since I am a licensed Veterinary Technician, I have seen a lot of the things described in the course during my everyday life or while I was in school. Just because I deal with pet health every time I walk through the door at work doesn’t mean I don’t need refreshers. In fact, There were a few things (restraint techniques) I actually learned to do differently that I’m now putting into practice.

 - Erin, Uncoventional Mommy Tails 

Pet Health Academy helps provide pet owners with a basic knowledge to be able to help their pets in minor and major situations as well as knowing when veterinary care is warranted. As a veterinarian, I appreciate when owners know what is normal for their own pets as this allows them to quickly recognize when there may be a problem which helps us to do our job better. 

Pet Health Academy teaches pet owners how to remain calm and how to handle certain situations, but understanding that if their pet is in any type of distress, that transportation for evaluation by a veterinarian is critical.  Our clients are their pets’ first line in any emergency and this course teaches them about the most common emergencies, what do to when they arise, and how to try and prevent them. 

- Michelle L. Silver DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)