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PHA Supports Health Clinic
Pet Health Academy visited a health clinic put on by Wachusett Kennel Club
Should you take your dog to rehab?
Canine physical therapy
How is an online pet first aid and cpr course "hands-on"?
Online pet cpr and first aid is very convenient, but how do we take a hands-on approach to teaching with an online format?
New Year Resolution; Learn how to save a pet's life
Don't start off the New Year putting off learning the necessary skills you need to save pets
Stay Healthy With Your Pup
Stand up paddle boarding is an excellent way to bond with your dog as well as stay healthy and keep them healthy too!
Spot a Hotspot on Spot!
How to recongnize and prevent hotspots. Take our pet first aid class online now!
Detecting Cancer in Dogs and Cats
pet first aid class and pet cpr certification online
#Colby Dies at PetCo, Now What?
#Colby was a golden retriever who passed away while in the care of PetCo groomers. What does it mean for pet care professionals everywhere?
On the Lookout at the Cookout
Pet first aid class
Dog Bite Prevention Week
We are at the end of the 2015 dog bite prevention week. Prevention is one of the key elements to the Pet Health Academy's pet first aid and CPR class #getcertifiednow
Let's Face It, Sh!# Happens
During our pet first aid class online, you'll learn about what is normal for your pet, including their poop!
Why Take A Pet First Aid Class Online?
Online Pet First Aid Classes are increasing popular. Why take a pet cpr certification course online instead of in a classroom?
Be the Best Pet Sitter; move your pet care service from good to great with these 10 tips
Be the Best Pet Sitter; move your pet care service from good to great with these 10 tips