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The Hazards You Carry Every Day
Everyday we walk around with a purse, backpack or a bag we use for work that most likley contains one of these hazards. Be aware of what you carry and how that could affect your pet.
Spring Has Sprung And With It Grows Dangers For Our Pets
As the plants increasingly pop through the soil, so does many of their toxins
PHA Supports Health Clinic
Pet Health Academy visited a health clinic put on by Wachusett Kennel Club
Should you take your dog to rehab?
Canine physical therapy
Snaggle Foot, LLC Raises the Standard in the Pet Care Industry
Pet Health Academy, Inc and Snaggle Foot, LLC partner to train all employees in pet cpr and first aid
Don't Forget to Enjoy Your Dog
Aside from pet cpr and pet first aid, there are many activities you can do to enrich the experience of having a dog.
Is it worth it...when you work it?
Pet Health Academy discusses whether or not business owners should certify themselves and their staff in pet cpr and first aid
Be Your Pet's Coach
Canine athletics, courtesy of Pet Health Academy, Leader in online pet cpr and first aid certification
Spot a Hotspot on Spot!
How to recongnize and prevent hotspots. Take our pet first aid class online now!
Hello, can you ear me?
Ear infections are very common in our pets. Learn how to prevent, recognize and treat these pesky problems for your pets.
Detecting Cancer in Dogs and Cats
pet first aid class and pet cpr certification online
Pet CPR - Why Certify?
Pet CPR is an increasingly important skill for pet care professionals and owners alike. Should you get certified or simply learn about it on your own?
Are Air Fresheners Safe for Me and My Pets?
They smell good but are they bad? Air fresheners might cover up the animal odor but they can be adding invisible chemicals into the air that are harmful to you and your pets.