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The Hazards You Carry Every Day
Everyday we walk around with a purse, backpack or a bag we use for work that most likley contains one of these hazards. Be aware of what you carry and how that could affect your pet.
Has Your Groomer Been Groomed?
When you drop your pet off to be groomed do you know if your groomer is certified in pet first aid & CPR in the event an emergency happens?
New Year Resolution; Learn how to save a pet's life
Don't start off the New Year putting off learning the necessary skills you need to save pets
Bugs, Bite
As the summer heats up, so do the swarms of bugs, know how to recognize and treat and bug bites your pets may suffer.
Hello, can you ear me?
Ear infections are very common in our pets. Learn how to prevent, recognize and treat these pesky problems for your pets.
Dog Bite Prevention Week
We are at the end of the 2015 dog bite prevention week. Prevention is one of the key elements to the Pet Health Academy's pet first aid and CPR class #getcertifiednow
Let's Face It, Sh!# Happens
During our pet first aid class online, you'll learn about what is normal for your pet, including their poop!