Why Take A Pet First Aid Class Online?

Should you take a pet first aid class online or in a classroom setting? 

online pet first aid class This is a question that many people ask when making decisions about their education, whether for a college degree or a pet first aid class or cpr course.  The conventional teaching method certainly does work, but new technology has allowed information to travel across time and space with little effort.  There are several factors to consider when it comes to online pet first aid certification. 

Hands-on Training:

Classrom- There may be a live animal on which you can practice.  This is a great way to learn.  However, it's most valuable to practice on your own pet. 

Online- While there is no one to watch your technique, students should be able to practice on their own, live animals. This is the best way to learn as it provides practice for both the pet and the student.


Classroom- There are many well-qualified instructors who do an excellent job.  Unfortunately, not all of them are excellent and the pet first aid class can vary class to class if the instructor misses a topic or just has a bad day

Online- The pet first aid class you take online is consistent every time.  Pet Health Academy's course is culmination of months of hard work and therefore all topics are covered sufficiently and consistently.


Classroom- Instructors schedule classes for the most convenient times possible, but generally involve at least 4 hours of classroom time plus travel time.  They generally take place on Saturday or Sunday.

Online- Pet Health Academy's course is available anytime, 24 hours a day.  Students can start and stop the course at their convenience, resuming whenever their schedule allows. 

online pet cpr class

Current Protocols:

Classroom- If the instructor is good, they will keep up-to-date on current pet cpr and first aid protocols.  Check any printed materials for their publish date.

Online- PHA has the ability to update course content on the fly.  Because course material is digital, there is no delay in sharing updated protocols with students.


Classroom- The cost of pet first aid classes varies a great deal, but the higher quality courses range from $99-100.

Online- Online pet first aid and cpr courses also range in cost, but PHA's course is $65.

Online learning technology has advanced to the point that getting certified is fun and effective.  It's the best way to earn a pet first aid certification because modern life is incredibly busy.  Whether the student is a concerned owner or a pet care professional (dog walker, vet tech, pet sitter, groomer, etc), they're all short on time.  Being able to learn at your own pace and re-watch important lessons allows even the busiest of students to retain the information.  What are you waiting for? Get Certified Now!

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