Is it worth it...when you work it?

One of the common concerns we hear from owners of pet-related businesses is that of ROI (Return on Investment).  Good business owners are constantly looking at what services cost and whether or not the cost is justified by the value.  What the business owners are really asking is,

Should I pay to get my staff certified in pet CPR and first aid?” 

The first, and most obvious reason to certify staff is that of the animals’ safety.  Knowing the proper life-saving and hazard-preventing techniques will reduce the number of health issues experienced by the animals.  If that’s not important to the business owner, they’re in the wrong business!

Aside from the well-being of the animals, is public perception.  Since most pet care businesses are small, the owner is a manager, marketer, web designer, PR person, etc.  It’s up to them to decide how informed their clients are and if they care to see the certifications/insurances provided by the organization.  Pet CPR and first aid is increasingly common and many animal owners have begun to expect it as a baseline credential for animal caregivers.  Ultimately, consumers decide what level of expertise is acceptable by where they spend their money.  I’ve even heard people say that they’d wait until more money started coming in before investing in pet CPR and first aid training.  What’s important to remember is that getting proper training will lead to more clients and more income.

And then there’s the issue of competition.  Forward-thinking business owners are making the investment, knowing that knowledge is power, and counting on the shrewdness of their clientele.  Ultimately, these companies will earn more clients and more money.  If all else is equal, who wouldn’t choose the pet care company who was prepared for an emergency?

Finally, whether a business owner works alone or has many employees, they want to be able to add value to their offerings.  In this case, learning pet CPR and first aid is one step in becoming an expert in the field.  I speak to hundreds of animal owners every month and they all have questions!  Being that service provider who can make suggestions to improve the health of the pets they care for adds value to the company and ultimately leads to greater success. 

The market proves over and over that making good, long-term investments (especially in educating yourself) pays dividends.  If your client asks why you haven’t certified yourself or your entire staff in pet CPR and first aid, saving a few dollars won’t be a sufficient answer.  To get certified, sign up for our pet first aid and pet cpr certification course HERE!


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