Snaggle Foot, LLC Raises the Standard in the Pet Care Industry


Snaggle Foot is a network of franchises who offer premium pet sitting and dog walking.

Here’s a quote directly from their corporate website,

We are the only nation-wide pet care franchise that requires its professionals to complete training in pet CPR and first aid, be bonded and insured, and pass a drug screen, reference check, and eight-point background screen.”

In a world where the “Uber model” is all the rage and service industries all over the US are looking to connect hobbyists with clients, Snaggle Foot is separating itself by giving their employees technical skills of a professional.  It’s a bold move to say the least.  Snaggle Foot is investing in their franchises and counting on their clients to choose their qualified pet sitters and dog walkers over less trained and less expensive options. 

Recently, Snaggle Foot and Pet Health Academy decided to partner in an effort to set a higher standard for the industry.  Because of Snaggle Foot’s dedication to educating their employees and Pet Health Academy’s commitment to supporting businesses who better the lives of pets everywhere, they were an obvious fit. 

For any dog or cat owner in search of a qualified pet sitter and/or dog walker OR if you’re interested in opening a franchise, we suggest looking at Snaggle Foot to see if they have a franchise in your area.  You can see their website HERE.

Interested in getting yourself or your pet sitter/dog walker certified in pet cpr and first aid?  Visit Pet Health Academy HERE!