PHA Supports Health Clinic

Recently, we volunteered at the all-breed genetic health clinic hosted by the Wachusett Kennel Club. Many groups and clubs offer these low-cost clinics, so make sure to search around for similar kennel club events, sometimes even hosted by Tractor Supply.


The clinic offered the following at discounted rates:

- Blood Tests analyzed by Dr. Jean Dodds at Hemopet

- DNA Tests via Optigen (Blood and Cheek Swabs)

- Patella Luxation Exams and OFA listing

- Eye Clearance with CERF/OFA Listing

- 4DX Snap test (Heartworm, Lyme, Erlichiosis and Anaplasmosis)

- Rabies Vaccinations

- Microchip Implantation


Pet Health Clinic


Why are these tests important? Different breeds are more predisposed to certain health issues. The more information you can attain about your dog can help you better prepare for and prevent genetic-related issues.


Take a few minutes to research your dog’s breed.  Whether you have a mutt or purebred, its genetics dictate behaviors, physical traits, and tendency towards particular diseases. Have they discovered which gene is linked to the most common disease associated with your dog? Genetic testing should be done by breeders, prior to matching sires and dams.  Before purchasing a dog from a breeder, make sure to inquire about what tests (genetic and otherwise) were performed on the dogs prior to breeding.


More genetic links are still being discovered and clubs like Wachusett Kennel Club support research of serious illnesses, so consider joining or volunteering at the next health clinic to learn more about your animal’s health. Also if you have multiple pets, clinics such as these help you get these tests completed without breaking the bank.


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