How is an online pet first aid and cpr course "hands-on"?

How is an online course “hands-on”?

The most common concern we hear from students regards the hands-on nature of CPR and how we can accomplish teaching the methods in an online format.

We teach the most up-to-date CPR guidelines known as the “RECOVER initiative.” Our course demonstrates proper technique with as much detail as one would learn in any face-to-face class. The videos are clear and all CPR techniques are shown on live animals. You’ll know what amount of pressure to apply and where to place your hands to perform the techniques correctly.

We always recommend practicing with your own pet at home.  Your own pet would never be allowed in a classroom setting and your own animal is the most likely recipient of CPR and first aid techniques in an emergency.  Don’t forget, you AND your pet receive benefits of this practice! You’ll want them to be as comfortable as possible with being on their side, being restrained, and receiving first aid.

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The course is designed so that you can repeat videos until you feel comfortable that you’ve mastered the form, so fast learners go fast and if it’s your first time trying pet CPR, you can take your time and practice as long as necessary.

How do you know you’re doing the techniques right? The course supplies you with videos, text, and audio guidance; it’s a matter of paying attention to the details given and working to practice them until they’re perfect. Repetition is the best way to master them.

pet first aid classThe Pet Health Academy approach is the best solution for students that really want to learn and practice for when emergencies arrive.  It’s not just about getting a certificate or putting a badge on your website; it’s about knowing what to do in case the worst happens.  Many of our students want to continue learning and refresh their knowledge throughout the year, so there’s a downloadable e-book available.  That way, the knowledge can be fresh on their minds year-round.

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